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Find a Home in Wichita, But Have Challenged Credit? We’ll Buy Your Home Until You Can.

Looking for homes for sale in Wichita? Need financing? We can help.

Client satisfaction is a top priority for MidPoint, which is why we align our goals with yours and provide you with an opportunity for financial security. We know you may not be able to buy a home in Wichita because of past credit issues, but that shouldn’t stop you from living your life now. We have options to build your credit together.

MidPoint offers financing options for our clients who are facing bankruptcy. We understand that life happens – and sometimes it’s not your fault. That’s why we want to help you buy a home. We’ll purchase a home and you pay us until your credit is better for you to purchase it yourself. We also have move-in ready homes available. Call Gavin at 316-295-6257 to see how we can help!

Been approved but need help looking for a Wichita home? We can help!

MidPoint can help through your entire home buying process. Once you’re approved, our realtor can work with you to buy or lease-to-own your new home. Check out our process below!

Quick, Easy, Effective

Home Buying Process

Our experienced staff teams with our preferred real estate agent and lender to create a seamless, simple, and successful plan that’s best for you financially. We work together to build your credit and future in your new Wichita home.

  • What is it?
    If you have challenged credit, we can help get you into the home you want until your credit allows you to buy it. Give us a call at 316-295-6257 or contact us online!
  • How does it work?
    We work with our preferred realtor and lender in a streamlined process to help you finance, find, and purchase your dream home. Or, you can lease-to-own one of our move-in ready homes. When your credit is improved and you’re ready, you can purchase your new house in Wichita or surrounding areas from us.
  • Proven success rates!
    We’re able to help you build a financial future and buy a home now or when the timing is better. With our process, you don’t waste any more money on rent…a win-win situation!

Fast, Efficient, Effective

Our 4 Step Home Buying Process

MidPoint has perfected each step of our process to be a seamless “assembly line,” producing a great credit-building plan and Wichita home buying experience for you. We take pride as “cash buyers that care” about your success. Our realtor and lender use their expertise to help you find and buy a home in Wichita and improve your credit until you can purchase it from MidPoint. Here’s how it works:

Buyer Information

Buyer Information

Work with our realtor to identify your new home and credit needs.

Find Your Home

Find Your Home

Our realtor works with your housing and financial needs to find and buy or lease-to-own your perfect home in Wichita.



Our realtor coordinates with you to submit your credit information and teams with the lender to find the best home buying options and path to improve your credit. The lender will also define a timeline for how long it will take for you to purchase the home.

Buy Your Home

Buy Your Home

Next, all agreements/contracts will be put into writing and signed by both parties. Once the down payment is made, Midpoint will then close and you’re ready to move in!

We work with Wichita realtors on lease-to-own homes!

Wichita Lease-to-Own Homes

Realtors! Here’s a Simple Realtor Checklist for Our Lease-to-Own Process

  • Make the customer aware of 1 year to 18 month Credit Enhancement Program
  • Verify down payment funds
  • Confirm the amount of purchase power by our preferred lender
  • Negotiate on behalf of Midpoint with the selling agent, determine deposit, and write up a home purchase contract

We partner with Wichita realtors with a potential to represent two transactions and get paid twice. See how it works!

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