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MidPoint Offers Cash for Homes Referrals

Attention, Property Locators! Get Paid $500 or More for Referrals.

Did you know MidPoint offers a home referral program? If you can help us locate a Wichita home we can wichita home referralsbuy for cash with good contact information, we’ll give you cash, too!

Have you spotted a home we could potentially purchase for cash? Know someone who needs to sell their Wichita home quickly? Fill out the form below and we’ll come and evaluate it.  You could make LOTS of extra spending cash just by keeping your eye out for Wichita homes for sale!

When we successfully buy a home for cash, MidPoint will pay you $500 or more in referral bonuses (depending on property valuation) at the closure of the purchase. We take pride in being a local, honest homebuyer & will create a signed agreement to ensure you’re paid.

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