How to Avoid Foreclosure

Facing Foreclosure? You Still Have Rights & Options to Avoid It!

Sometimes life happens fast…too fast. Jobs are lost, pandemics happen, health issues arise – and then people can’t pay their mortgages. But with the right advice and proper research, foreclosure can be avoided. Here are some things to keep in mind.

1. You still have rights to your home!

Once the bank files a notice of foreclosure, there will be a redemption period of 90 days to 1 year. This means you still have time to make a choice on what to do with your home. You CAN still avoid foreclosure during this period of time.

2. Don’t sign anything without knowing your options.

Once your foreclosure process has begun, you’ll have plenty of greedy sharks knocking on your door threatening there’s no way out but to take their offer. You may be scared and overwhelmed – and they may take advantage of that. Don’t feel pressured to give in to them without doing your research first.

3. Avoiding foreclosure means avoiding bad debt and hurting your credit.

If you find a buyer, it won’t impact your credit the same as if your home gets foreclosed on. You won’t have bad debt reported and will have a chance to start fresh with a brighter future!

4. Learn your options to move out and move on.

You’ve probably already gone through a lot of stress and hardship with facing foreclosure, but doesn’t it feel freeing to know that you still have a way out? We’re local and we can help – even if it’s just to answer questions with no strings attached. Call Gavin at 316-295-6257 to see how MidPoint can help you avoid foreclosure and get on with your life faster.


how to avoid foreclosure

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